Having been closed to visitors since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, we believe there is a ray of hope going forward! The nature of the Dome, and our reliance on Volunteers, means that we are unable to open as we would have wished, with staff on duty all day and visitors dropping in at will.

Having carried out our risk assessment, we will have to restrict the number of visitors in the Dome to 6 people, or a larger family ‘bubble’, at any one time. We are therefore open, and now have extended our opening hours, so please come along 10:00-16:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

RAF Langham was an active airfield for 18 years,
playing a key role in both World War 2 and the Cold War.

Our lively displays and hands-on activities make Langham Dome a fantastic place to visit with the whole family. Be inspired by our story, and marvel at the ingenious way in which the Dome solved a perplexing problem in desperate times…

Heritage Emergency Lottery Fund

“We are extremely grateful for the assistance we have received this year in the way of emergency funding, which has enabled us to open and make some key improvements so that we could continue to operate in the face of formidable restrictions imposed due to Covid-19”


Aircraft and missions from RAF Langham


Training for AA defence at RAF Langham


Living and working at RAF Langham

Come and see us and experience what life was like at RAF Langham


/ Walk in the footsteps of the service men and women who were stationed at Langham during and after World War 2 and hear stories of their bravery and sacrifice.


/ Enjoy our thought-provoking displays and learn more about the Dome from our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers. Why not try your hand at Morse code using our Wellington bomber radio.


/ Find out about Langham pilot Jeff Rounce, a local man who won the RAF’s Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in World War 2.


/ Explore an interactive model of the airfield.


/ Play our table-top board games to find out more about military missions and daily life at RAF Langham.


/ See what you look like in uniform in our dressing up locker.

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Spitfire on Pedestal

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