This is the gallery for Langham Dome Images.

The German Me262 became the first jet fighter to see combat in WW2.

How the projection and gun system workedBased on a sketch by Frank Phillipson. © Ugly Studios.

1940 - Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France all fell to the German invaders. The European coast was now in enemy hands. Image shown courtesy of Prelinger Archives.

A photo of the Dome when surveyors undertook a report into its condition and need of repair. © The Morton Partnership.

The original Air Ministry drawing for the Dome Teacher. © Trustees of the RAF Musuem.

524 Squadron groundcrew at langham. ©

A composite aerial photo of Langham in 1946. The village is surrounded by several living quarters. © Norfolk Record Office.

Image: Langham Dome in its newly restored condition © Matt Keal

Handy for getting around the airfield, bicycles were also used for sightseeing trips. On their trips to London, foreign servicemen had a special ticket.

Training continues despite the drop in temperature. © NIMH.

Giant icicles hang off a building at Langham. © NIMH.

The cold and sparse interior of a Nissen hut. © NIMH.

Dutch servicemen clearing the Cockthorpe road during the winter of 1946-7. Langham Dome is 300 metres to the left. © NIMH.

Dutch Officers at RAF Langham. © Bridget Newman.

Dutch trainees in the snow at Langham. © Bridget Newman.

Dutch trainees pose by the War memorial in Langham village. © Bridget Newman.

Dutch Navy trainees at Langham. © Bridget Newman.