The Future of the Dome secured!

March 2013

An artists impression of the completed project

An artists impression of the completed project

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded NNHBT £446,400, which, along with a grant of £199,000 from English Heritage and partnership funding from The Coastal Sustainable Fund, North Norfolk District Council, Norfolk County Council, the Architectural Heritage Fund and the Paul Bassham Trust, of a further £46,000, means that FoLD, in partnership with NNHBT, will be able save the building and install the Educational interpretive centre that we envisage (artist’s impression above).

After a great deal of work over the past 20 years this is great news, but it is really only the beginning and we hope we can count on your continued support!

Langham was at the forefront of both defence and attack during World War 2. Many of those who served here came from across the globe. Sadly, many were never to return home, having made the ultimate sacrifice. The Dome will be a legacy to them, it will tell their story and educate future generations about what went on in Langham during those dark years of war and afterwards during the cold war.